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Born for It - Week of Dec. 6

Finish the Work
By Twyla Betha

I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. - John 17:4, NIV

It’s so important to be a finisher. Our Lord Jesus was exactly that—a finisher. He finished the work God the Father gave Him to do. 

What is very encouraging about Jesus finishing His assignment is that the closer He got to the end, the harder things got. However, He still finished. The Bible says He became “overwhelmed with sorrow” (Mark 14:34, NIV), letting us know that even though it’s the will of God for us to do an assignment, that doesn’t mean that it may not be difficult to do. Jesus prayed and developed a “nevertheless” attitude in the midst of things being the hardest He’d ever encountered as a man.

It is so easy to start something. When we start a new project, a new dream, a new phase of life, it’s exciting. Yet oftentimes, the journey to finish can get very challenging in the middle or even at the end. 

As followers of Jesus, let’s build our strength to make it to the finish. Make up your mind that you will finish an assignment and that you will fulfill a commitment—whatever it is that God has given you to do. Pray about it, just as Jesus prayed, to help change your attitude about completing the commitments you have made.

I know that oftentimes a new dream or assignment can be imparted in your heart and mind by God. You will often see things or places you will eventually be well before they happen. But don’t abort the process of development that is taking place where you are right now. 

That new thing may be years down the road. And although it’s exciting to think about and you should be excited about it, strive to be a finisher right where you are.

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Originally published December 06, 2011.