God Cares about All Our Needs (Matthew 11:28-30) - Your Daily Bible Verse - May 10

 Yes, God cares about our cares, even the littlest ones.

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God Cares about All Our Needs (Matthew 11:28-30)
By: Anne Peterson

Today’s Bible Verse: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. - Matthew 11:28-30

My aunt had just asked me to move out. I felt as if the whole world was on my shoulders. Where would I move? I didn’t drive, I had no car. I’d have to find a place that was close to work in my small suburb.

When the circumstances in our lives change, sometimes things feel out of control. Life’s stresses can weigh us down, but even then, we have someone we can turn to.

And so, I asked my Bible class to pray for me. I just kept praying, knowing God was aware of my situation. I’d go to God, and even though I didn’t know how things would work out, I knew God was more than able to help me, just as he had in the past. Instead of sitting and worrying about things, I could put my trust in God and lean on him. As I learned about God’s character, I found the rest I needed.

When our difficult circumstances remain unchanged, but we’re no longer anxious, we know God is helping us trust in him. Our outward situation hasn’t changed, but our perspective has.


I thought about one of my favorite hymns, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. It was written by Helen Howarth Lemmel, inspired by a tract by Isabella Lilias Trotter. My favorite part is the chorus:
Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Look full in his wonderful face.
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
in the light of his glory and grace.

The more I thought about how mighty God was, the smaller my problems became. Paul tells us God will meet all our needs, according to his riches in glory (Philippians 4:19).

One day at work, I thought of a friend who might be able to put me up for a while, so I called her. “It might be a little crowded,” she said. “But you’re more than welcome.”

Hanging up the phone, I glanced at the bulletin board next to it, seeing a handwritten index card:

Room for rent: for working girl or gentleman. Must have good references.

I immediately called the number listed and made an appointment to see the place. Mrs. Shannon and her husband were so nice, and the place was perfect. It was walking distance from my job and it even had a little table that I had pictured placing a pink telephone on.

After a friend helped me move, I sat on a bedside chair and decided I would rest a few minutes, freshen up and then go to Bible study. Then it hit me. I had no towels!

I turned to the Lord and said, “Lord, why didn’t you remind me about towels while I was at the store?” Just then, there was a soft rap at my door.

“I forgot to give you these,” Mrs. Shannon said, as she handed me a large stack of freshly washed, neatly folded towels.

“And when you’re finished with them, just throw them in the hamper.”

I thanked her and gently closed the door.

“Sorry Lord, I should have known you knew all about what I needed. Thank you.”

Days later, I asked Mrs. Shannon how long the room had been vacant.

“Oh, I just put up the card the very day you called,” she said.

Yes, God cares about our cares, even little ones, like towels.

His Outstretched Hand

I don’t know what tomorrow holds,
or what I’ll have to face,
But I know God is well aware
and he will give me grace.

And when I start to worry,
or I just don’t understand.
I’ll call upon my Jesus
as I take his outstretched hand.

Anne Peterson © 2020

Anne Peterson is a poet, speaker, published author of 16 books, including her latest book, Always There:Finding God's Comfort Through Loss. Anne’s first memoir is: Broken:A story of Abuse, Survival and Hope. She has published children’s books and poetry books, such as Droplets: Poetry for Those in Grief, and He Whispers: Poetic talks with God. Anne is also a regular contributor to Crosswalk.com. Anne’s poetry has been sold in gift stores since 1996. Check out Anne’s website at www.annepeterson.com or connect with her on Facebook.

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