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Bible Pathway - April 3

Read 1 Samuel 8


The people demand a king and ignore the true King (1 Sam. 8:5); God directed Samuel to anoint Saul (9:27 – 10:1); King Saul is challenged and defeats the Ammonites (11:1-11).

And Samuel said to all the people, See ye him whom the LORD hath chosen, that there is none like him among all the people? And all the people shouted, and said, God save the king (1 Sam. 10:24).

Israel had never had a God-appointed earthly king before this time. The nation had been led by God-called Spiritual leaders and judges such as Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Jephthah and many others

The people wanted a king like the heathen nations around them. God informed Samuel that He would choose a king for them. Saul was chosen by God to be king of Israel. Many have said Saul was chosen by the people and not God. However, the Word of God is clear. God's seal of approval was evident as the Spirit of the Lord came upon Saul (1 Sam. 11:6).

The Lord gave Saul great victories. Though it was not God's desire for there to be a king, God's choice was put in place. For a period of time, Saul followed the Lord. Like many leaders after him, Saul eventually strayed from following God.

Many have been called by God to do great works. It would be safe to say that pride is one of the greatest enemies to one who is accomplishing much for the kingdom of God. We must allow God to be our teacher and guide to avoid falling into the Devil's trap. . Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil (1 Tim. 3:6).

We have all seen many people of God fall from their place by giving in to one sin or another. This has happened at the level of national television evangelists all the way down to people in our local churches. No one is immune to the workings of the devil if we give him place in our lives. Neither give place to the devil (Eph. 4:27).

If God has called you to a work, remember Samuel's words. There is none like you either. God has called you to this specific situation. He has chosen no one else for this exact mission. So, who is called? Every person who follows Jesus is called to a special purpose. In Whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of Him who worketh all things after the counsel of His own will (Eph. 1:11).

Let's not forget our value in this world. God has appraised us and found us to be worth so much. When we turn from God to sin, we downgrade our worth in human eyes. However, God does not stop saying we are valuable to Him. So, don't fall into sin's trap. But if you have, turn back to God. Heaven spent it's greatest treasure to purchase our souls. Jesus was that treasure.

Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it (Matt. 13:46)

Thought for Today:

Beginning a walk with God is essential, but our eternal rewards depend on how well we carry out His will.

Christ Portrayed:

Through Samuel who faithfully served Israel as judge (1 Sam. 8:1,3), prophet (8:10-18; 9:6,9,19,27; 10:1-9), and priest (8:10,21; 10:8). Jesus was the Prophet promised through Moses (Deut. 18:15); He is our Great High Priest (Heb. 4:14); and one day He will judge all mankind: For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son (John 5:22).

Word Studies:

8:3 lucre, money gained dishonestly; 8:9 protest solemnly, object seriously; 8:12 ear, plow; 9:2 goodly, handsome; 9:7 spent, used up; 9:16 captain, leader since God was the true King; 9:26 spring of the day, dawn, the first coming of light; 10:1 vial, a container; 11:1 encamped against, put his forces in position to attack.

Prayer Suggestion: Draw near to God in prayer with a true heart in assurance of faith (Heb. 10:22).

Optional Reading: Acts 4

Memory Verse for the Week: Revelation 15:3


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