Perfected by the Spirit - Alternative View - August 5

Perfected by the Spirit

Scripture Reading: Psalms 146

In football, coaches are always concerned about turnovers. With each fumble or interception, the team goes from playing in the offensive mode to the defensive mode. Unfortunately, many Christians are playing in the spiritual defensive.  Although they may have a clear profession of faith, they are no longer progressing but regressing.

When the church at Galatia began judging spiritual maturity by how well Christian duties were performed, Paul called them to task.  Paul reminded them that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.  At the point of salvation, the Holy Spirit indwells in every believer to empower us and produce fruit in our lives.  

Christians must never lose sight of the power of the cross, which is also the abiding expression of God's provision. You have the Holy Spirit's powerful indwelling presence to help you accomplish God's powerful Kingdom agenda.

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