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God Used Rahab, "the Harlot" - Alternative View - August 6

God Used Rahab, "the Harlot"

Scripture Reading: Joshua 2

Rahab was a lady of the evening.  She was known as "Rahab, the prostitute," yet her name is included both in the Gospel of Matthew's genealogy of Jesus and the book of Hebrew's "Hall of Faith."  Her story demonstrates the power of faith to transform lives and overcome difficult circumstances.

Rahab lived at the wall of Jericho, and when the two Hebrew spies stayed at her house, she placed her trust in the protection of their God.  She'd heard the stories of the God of Israel, and she chose to appeal to His goodness instead of giving in to the threats of Jericho's ruler.  Because of her faith, she was adopted into the people of God and she became a symbol of remarkable faith.

Not only did Rahab's faith change her life, but it moved God to protect everyone in her family and household when Jericho was destroyed.  One woman's faith changed an entire family's destiny.

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