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Expect Great Things from a Great Name - Alternative View - July 23

  • 2021 23 Jul

Expect Great Things from a Great Name

In His Presence: Ephesians 3:14-20

If you want to rise up spiritually, you need to hang out with people who will inspire you to higher expectations and help you reach them.  If you want a better job, you hang out with the experts in the field, not with unmotivated, unfocused people. If you want to see God move supernaturally in your life, you hang out with people who believe in God's power.

Too many Christians have put a lid on God, expecting little from Him because they don't know the power of His name. The apostles, Peter and John, gave the lame beggar at the gate, Beautiful, something more valuable than silver or gold. 

The apostles offered the lame man the name above every other name with all authority: Jesus!   There's power in that name, and you TOO can expect great things from that great name. 

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