Living for the Right Purpose - Alternative View - July 15

Living for the Right Purpose

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:27-28; Philippians 3:8  

Purpose is a popular topic that many of us find fascinating.  We all want to be validated and know that we are here on earth for a specific reason.  We may have never learned about our purpose while growing up and may still have a difficult time understanding it.  

The good news is that God wants us to realize our purpose.  He didn't create us to live with no direction, just wandering aimlessly through life.  Too many times, we complicate God's plan for our lives.  As believers, God's highest purpose is for us to walk in a close relationship with Him and to reach others with His love. 

As we walk in obedience to these basic principles outlined in His Word, God begins to reveal to us a very specific purpose that matches our DNA.  Acts 13:36 tells of David, who lived a purposeful life for the Lord in his generation.  What a great legacy to leave behind!

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