Alternative View - September 10

Transforming Our Culture

Scripture Reading:  Romans 12:9-16

When  Jesus Christ returns, we will no longer need to worry about transforming our  culture because He will set up His Kingdom rule. But until that time, we need  to reach the world for Him and for our children, grandchildren and  great-grandchildren.

What  is the role of Christians in our society? Jeremiah 29:4-11 illustrates this  foundational principle: Society is transformed when God's people execute His  strategy in history in a Christ-centered way.

The  prophet Jeremiah challenged the Jews in Babylonian captivity to regain their  spiritual clarity. The Babylonian pagans  were not Israel's  greatest problem to deal with. The Jews had become pagans themselves and had  failed to remain God's distinct, unique people.  

When the church fails to be God's unique people, the entire culture will  suffer the effects of sin.

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