Seek First His Kingdom - Alternative View - November 1

Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. - (Matthew 6:33)

God’s kingdom is lived from the perspective of heaven, not earth. That’s why Jesus said, “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” - (Matthew 6:33).

What far too many Christians do is mix a little of God with a lot of the world. Is this something that you have done? Have you wound up experiencing less of God because His kingdom is not of this world? When you bring the world into the Word, you are asking the King to bless something that His kingdom is not a part of, and He won’t do it.

If you lose sight of the kingdom, God’s perspective gets lost and you start focusing on the tangible and temporal things in life. When that happens, your judgment begins to be skewed and your decisions become shortsighted. Rather than living out your destiny and purpose, you may end up with wasted time, effort, energy, and emotions.

Yet when God’s kingdom is prioritized, you get to see heaven both rule and overrule in your life. You will witness God trump circumstances and people that you thought had the last word. Only God has the last word. You get to experience Him at a whole other level when you experience Him as King.

Reflection: How can a Christian prioritize God’s Word and His kingdom? How can we experience earth from a heavenly perspective? Where are earthly circumstances over-whelming your own vision and blocking your view of God? How can you change this?

Father, I want to experience You as King in my life. Reveal to me where I am looking to the world’s way rather than Your way in my thoughts, decisions, and actions. Help me to align all of these underneath Your Word so that I can benefit from the covering of Your covenant and kingdom.

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