Alternative View - October 22


A Lesson About Faith

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 12:7-11  

Have you ever taken a stress test to evaluate your heart's health? One component of the stress test monitors your heart while you walk on a sloped treadmill at a fast pace. It's not easy, but you keep going to get an accurate reading of your heart's strengths and weaknesses.

God has stress tests. They're called trials, and through them God evaluates how well you've learned the lessons of life. The prophet Elijah passed the tests on several occasions. Once he had to help a widow and her son survive a famine. The next test was the boy's death. The widow's faith was shaken, but Elijah's faith remained firm.

Through that faith, God saved the boy. That day the widow and her son receive a valuable lesson: In your trials, remember God's truths. In spite of your circumstances, you can prevail!

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