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No Room for Doubt - Alternative View - June 11

No Room for Doubt

The Bible offers many accounts regarding doubt to warn us about this spiritual killer.  Doubt will inevitably rob us of our spiritual growth and understanding of God's divine purpose for our lives.

For example, have you ever wondered why people sometimes doubt God and their salvation?  Perhaps you have experienced your own doubts.  The primary reason for such doubt is a failure to accept the fullness of God's grace.

Too often, people think grace must be earned.  Yet grace is a gift from the throne of God - no strings attached.  Christ fully paid for our sins on Calvary's cross.

When you begin to truly think this way and accept who you are in Christ, you will see the doubts and fears fade away.  You must trust and accept what Jesus Christ has already done for you.

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:31-39

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