Two Ways for a Spiritual Breakthrough - Alternative View - September 29

Two Ways for a Spiritual Breakthrough

If we are in search of a spiritual breakthrough, we have two options. First, we can choose to be broken. We can say, "Lord, I want a blessing and a breakthrough. Please break me - strip me of my sinfulness and destructive independence. I'm scared, but I trust that You love me enough to know what I can handle."

The second option is that God will break us without our permission. This option takes a lot longer, and it usually hurts a lot deeper. This delays the blessing and the breakthrough, and it will ultimately be more painful. God did not redeem us to leave us alone and let us miss all of His blessings. He loves us too much for that. There is a new, wonderful life He placed inside of us - and He wants to sanctify us and make us more like His Son so that we may experience it to the fullest.

Many of us want to simply audit the Christian life - like a college course that a person sits in on but is not required to do work and is never graded. We don't want to do all the hard work that it requires. But if Christ is truly Lord of our lives, there will be work to show that we are serving Him. There will be evidence that we are taking the course He is teaching, and it's making an impact on our life. Brokennness is one of the lessons we must go through in order to gain greater spiritual maturity and in order for Christ to be made known in our lives. 

It's important to remember that the God who breaks us is also our Father. He is our Lord. He loves us. There are a million ways He can teach us what we need to know. There are different ways that He will break us down and strip us of our pride in order to teach us that we can trust Him. God is God, and He has the right to strip us of everything in us that is not like Him so that He can transform us into His image. He wants to give us blessings, but He wants to change us in the process.

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