Knowledge Vs. Power - Alternative View - June 5

Knowledge vs. Power

In His PresenceProverbs 3:19-20

“It is I who made the earth, and created man upon it. I stretched out the heavens with My hands and I ordained all their host” - (Isaiah 45:12).

God wants a Creator/creature distinction between us. We can still relate with each other, talk, and have fun. But we must not forget there is a difference. We have limitations while God does not. A good illustration of this type of relationship is the teen/parent relationship. Teenagers often question why there should be a distinction in the relationship. Depending upon whom they listen to, they may feel that their parents are withholding things that will make life better. They don’t understand why they can’t enjoy the same privileges as their parents.

Why would Satan tell Eve that eating the fruit would open her eyes and make her like God? Does this reasoning sound familiar?

Satan basically said, “God wants to keep us ignorant so He can control us. If He can control us, He can always tell us what to do and be our boss. But if we eat of the tree we won’t be ignorant anymore. We will know what He knows and be able to do what He does.”

In using the word know, Satan was implying that information equaled power—the power to determine our own future, our own fate.

One Minute Please

Using our illustration of the teen/parent relationship, Satan was encouraging Adam and Eve to think like the teen who wants his parents to pay the bills, but does not want to submit to their authority.

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