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Tapping into His Power - Alternative View - June 18

Tapping into His Power

In His Presence: “Peter was kept in the prison, but prayer for him was being made fervently by the church to God” (Acts 12:5).

There was a lady who lived out in the country and never had electricity. Finally, her family made arrangements so a line could be run out to her house. However, after six months, she had only used one unit. Company officials decided to drive out to her house to make sure nothing was wrong. When everything checked out fine, they asked her if she was enjoying having electricity. “Oh my, yes,” she replied.

Then one of the representatives said, “Well, tell us how you are using it.” The old woman paused for a moment, and then, with a gleam in her eyes, she explained. Each evening, as the sun was setting, she turned the lights on long enough to light her kerosene lamps—and then turned them off! She was still living a kerosene existence when she could have been enjoying the comforts of having electricity. 

God has given us tremendous power through the presence of His Spirit. Yet many times, we fail to use it. Instead, we settle for much less by relying solely on our human ability. There are certain things God never meant for us to handle on our own. We may be fine when it comes to choosing which shirt to wear in the morning, but when life becomes stormy and the winds begin to blow hard against us, we need an omnipotent Savior.

In Acts 12, we learn that Peter was arrested and that no amount of human effort could free him. However, the supernatural power of God did. The Bible tells us that the church was praying fervently. This means they were praying without ceasing, knowing that God had the power they lacked to release the one they loved.

What are you wrestling with today? Have you rolled it over onto the Lord through prayer, or have you lit a room full of kerosene lamps? Stop struggling on your own and turn on God’s power through prayer and faith. Allow Him to be your strength and your everlasting peace.

One Minute Please
God wants to use the problems we face to demonstrate His awesome power and ability. Are you willing to allow Him to do this?

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