The Bible’s Supreme Authority - Alternative View - January 19

The Bible’s Supreme Authority

The sum of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous ordinances is everlasting. - (Psalm 119:160)

Biblical authority means that God has the supreme right to determine our decision making and set the agenda for our lives. God doesn’t want our rationalizations. He wants our response. He doesn’t want us to add our thoughts, opinions, or strategies to the truth of His Word. He wants us to respond to what He has revealed already. You don’t have to try to “help God out.” His Word already has the authority and the truth that you need to access His power in your life when you align your thoughts, actions, and desires within His own.

You know you can have a Bible in every room of your house, in your cars, and even at your office, and yet still be missing God’s truth. Unless you read and apply His Word, you will not benefit from its authority.

Too many people today want to have their ears tickled by the latest religious fad or clever preacher. But God wants to occupy the place of supreme authority in your life, and He wants to set your life’s agenda as you submit yourself to His Word.

Since Jesus possesses all authority, and His Word has all of His authority behind it, why are we as Christians not seeing God’s Word at work any more than we are? I am con- vinced the reason is that we are not living as though God’s Word were our authority. We are not seeing more power in our lives and in the church at large because we aren’t taking the Bible seriously.

Take God at His Word. Study, learn, and devote your time to knowing His Word. In it are all of the wisdom and answers you will need to live in light of His authority.

Reflection: Do you take the truth of God’s Word seriously? Do your pastor and others in spiritual authority over you use the Bible as their spiritual authority? How do you judge whether what you hear is in tune with the Word of God?

One of the most important things that I can do with my time and my energy is to know You better through Your Word. Lord, help me to do this. Give me the delight to do this on an ongoing basis.

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