Alternative View - December 8, 2017

The Master Key

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” - (John 14:6)

I have a master key to the church. My key can work in any lock. A staff person who works here at the church may have a key to their own office, or even to the section of the building that their office is in. But they are limited in which doors they can open. Yet because I have a master key, I can go anywhere in the church that I want to go.

A lot of us are not getting everywhere we need to go because we don’t have the master key. We’ve got keys for certain rooms. We come to church, hear a sermon, and receive a truth, so we have a key for a certain room in our Christian lives. What you must understand, however, is that the key to the Christian life for the church of Jesus Christ—for your home and your communities—is, in fact, Jesus Christ as Lord and Master. The ability to live victoriously and advance God’s kingdom agenda on earth comes through this unique master key called the lordship of Christ.

Only as the lordship of Jesus Christ is reflected through you individually and through His people corporately will the world experience the rule of God as the Creator intended it to be.

Reflection: When and how are you learning the truths of God’s Word? Why is God’s power limited for those who limit their obedience? In what areas of your life have you limited your obedience to God’s Word?

Lord, I want our world to experience Your power and rule. Help me to start with me. Help me to continually abide with Christ and align my life under Him. Then enable me to model that lifestyle to those around me so that each of us can demonstrate the power that comes when we are connected to You.

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