Before Rushing Down the Aisle - Alternative View - November 3

Before Rushing Down the Aisle

Scripture Readings: Romans 5  

I'm sure you've noticed how many single people really want to get married, and how most married couples are always trying to set up their single friends. And of course, I'm sure you've heard (especially at Christmas get togethers) grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents always asking the single relatives in the family, "Sooo . . . anyone special in your life?"

Yes, marriage is something very special, but it is never something to rush into. Too often people rush into marriage before they've been able to define themselves and become complete in God. Some people think getting married will make them happy and complete, but putting two incomplete people together does not equal a whole, but rather two unhappy people in an unhappy marriage.

We can't look to others to make us happy; we have to look to God. Those who are single should define themselves in God and find happiness in Him, and those matchmakers out there should help their single friends and family with this process—helping them become whole, before starting to try to find them the perfect person to marry.

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