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God's Intention for Marriage - Alternative View - May 15

God's Intention for Marriage 

As Christians our job description is to demonstrate the power of Christ in everyday situations - and there's no place where the resurrection power of Jesus Christ needs to be seen more graphically today than in the area of marriage and family.

Too many Christian husbands and wives say they can't work it out. Too many fathers are bailing on their families. Too many mothers are trying to carry unnatural loads laid on them by their culture and the expectations of others.

Marriages today are deteriorating at such a high rate not because we no longer get along, but because we have lost sight of the purpose and prosperity of the marriage covenant. Most people today view marriage as a means of looking for love, happiness and fulfillment. Make no mistake about it, those things are important. Those things are critical. They are just not the most critical.

So what is the most critical? That you understand God's intention for marriage. Marriage is a covenantal union designed to strengthen the capability of each partner to carry out the plan of God in their lives.

Over the next several months, we're going to be looking closely at marriage and family in our devotional time together because marriage matters! 

Scripture Readings: Genesis 2:15-17

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