Adventures through the Holy Bible - Week of September 3


God Knows…When Somebody’s Goofed – Part 2
Jesus told a story about a boy who CHOSE to get lost.

“Dad, how about dividing up your property now?” a boy suggested one day. “I don’t want to wait till you’re dead to do what I want to do.” His father was a wise man. He knew his son must learn the hard way. So the father divided his property between his two boys.

“This is great!” thought the son. He felt free to do as he pleased. Soon, he was far from home. He made many new friends that helped him spend his money and led him into all kinds of sin. “What freedom! What friends! What fun!” he thought.

But then he ran out of money, causing his “friends” to abandon him. To make matters worse, a famine made both food and jobs scarce. He finally found work caring for pigs. One day, feeling hungry enough to eat the husks the pigs were eating, he realized his father’s servants had plenty of food, while here he was starving to death. He decided, “I will go to my father, and say to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and you, and I am no longer worthy to be called your son. Make me one of your hired servants.’”

When he rounded the last curve after his long journey home, he saw his father running toward him. Ignoring the dirty, smelly rags his son wore, he threw his arms around his son. The boy tried to speak. “Father, I have sinned against heaven and…” But his father didn’t give him a chance to finish. Taking off his own robe, he wrapped it around his son. Then he gave his servants orders to prepare a banquet to celebrate his son’s return.

But not everyone was happy. The older brother refused to join the dinner party. He angrily complained, “For years I’ve stayed home and worked for you. You never had a party for me!” The father replied, “But son, all that I have is yours. We had to rejoice and be glad. Your brother was lost and now he is found!”

. . .

The story of the lost boy still goes on. Someone chooses to turn his back on God. He expects to have more fun doing as he pleases. And what happens? He finds that he has goofed. But God is a Father who loves every one of us no matter how much we goof. The story of the older brother repeats itself. Somebody goofed and he doesn’t want to forgive them. He thinks he’s better than them. And the joyful party WILL go on, even if the older brother decides to stay outside.

Do you fit into this story somewhere? Where? It’s something to think about.

Where to find the story: Luke 15

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