Adventures through the Holy Bible - Week of May 5


God Knows…When I Feel All Alone – Part 2

One night, a long time ago, the promised Savior of the world was born. God had sent His own Son down to Earth! But were people watching and waiting to welcome Him? 

A Wise Search

Far to the East, some Magi had been waiting for the birth of Jesus. They were very wise and very rich men who had learned about God’s promise of a Savior from the Holy Scriptures. One night they discovered a new star in the sky. It was the sign they had been waiting for! They prepared gifts and embarked on a trip to find the new King.

When they reached Jerusalem they asked, “Where is He? Where is the King of the Jews? We have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.” But the local people were puzzled. They didn’t know what these strangers were talking about. Even the priests in the temple did not answer their questions.

When King Herod heard about the Magi and their questions, he became agitated. He he did not want anyone else taking over his kingdom. Herod summoned the Magi. He pretended to be happy about their venture, and asked them to find the child king so he could worship Him.

So the Magi followed the star to Bethlehem. There, they gave Jesus their gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh. But more importantly, they gave Him their hearts.

“Now,” the Magi planned, “we can go tell Herod of the wonderful baby.” But during the night God sent them a dream of warning: “Stay away from Herod. Don’t tell him you saw the baby.” So the Magi took a different route home.

Herod was waiting for word from the Magi. When he discovered they had already gone home, he was furious. “Go to Bethlehem,” he shouted at his soldiers, “and kill every baby boy less than two years of age.” What a terrible time it was! So many children murdered. But Jesus safe in Egypt, more than 160 km away from the murderous king. An angel had warned Joseph. “Rise, take the Child and His mother, and flee.”

. . .

When I feel alone, I can remember that since Jesus came to this earth and lived as a human, He understands me and my problems and He wants to help me solve them. That’s why He came! I am never alone. Jesus always cares and loves me.

Where to find the story: Matthew 1-2, and Luke 1-2

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