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Activate - October 10, 2014


Read: Nahum 1

Key Verse: “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him.” Nahum 1:7

The prophet Nahum’s name literally means ‘comfort’. His message brought encouragement to Judah and accountability to Nineveh. Nineveh was the capitol of the Assyrian empire, and the people brought so much trouble to other nations. God intervened and put an end to the persecution. What types of trouble have you been enduring? Have you felt like a victim, manipulated, or bullied? Nahum is reminding the people to trust God and ask Him for help. He wants to be your refuge and help!

How would you describe the many ways God is your refuge?

1)    Has God sent a Nahum to you with good news and comfort?
2)    Has God brought justice and consequences to someone who hurt you?
3)    Has God strengthened you with His word?
4)    Have you drawn near to God and His presence when you were alone?
5)    Has God brought emotional, physical, or relational healing?

Take time now to stop and thank God for being a refuge in times of trouble and ask His help in situations you are currently facing!

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