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Activate - November 20, 2014


Read: Ruth 4

Key Verse: “Then Naomi took the child, laid him in her lap and cared for him.” Ruth 4:16

Naomi, after losing her husband and sons, never expected the day would come when she would be holding her grandson! Ruth’s love and faithfulness to Naomi was rewarded by God as He provided a husband named Boaz for Ruth. Then God blessed the newlyweds with the birth of a son. Can you imagine the healing that took place in this moment? Naomi had experienced such a devastating loss, but this sweet time of unexpected provision was so gratifying!

The boy’s name was Obed, the father of Jesse who would then be the father of king David. Naomi’s grandson would become the grandfather of the greatest king in Israel. This also means that the Messiah, Jesus, is a descendant from Naomi’s family too! Her heart was filled with incredible joy as she cared for Obed. It is the same care that Ruth demonstrated to Naomi and Naomi brought into Ruth’s life. It is the same care Ruth and Boaz shared in their marriage. The family was shattered at one point from pain and loss, but was rebuilt through the care of God as they continued to trust Him and turn to Him together. God can restore any situation with His kindness and care! If you are facing an overwhelming situation, begin by simply caring for the people next to you.

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