Activate - May 15


Read: Psalm 150

Key Verse: “Praise Him with tambourine and dancing, praise him with the strings and flute.” - Psalm 150:4

Do you like dancing? Some people dance to be seen or flirt. Other dancers enjoy the artistic aspects. There are dancers who consider it their main form of exercise. None of these motivations are part of this psalm. The dancing described in this psalm is an expression of worship. The joy of the Lord is the reason and glorifying God is the goal. The tambourine, strings, and flute all join together in the celebration.

When was the last time you lived out this psalm? If it has been a long time, what is the reason? Are you over focusing on the challenges of life? Are you being legalistic in the restriction of Christian freedoms? Are you distant from God? Dancing in this psalm is a sign of spiritual health and something God desires.

In the world, dancing is tainted with lust. In this psalm, dancing is pure and deep gratitude to God. Maybe it is time for you to dance again!

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