Activate - May 13


Read: Psalm 148

Key Verse: “Praise Him, all His angels, praise him, all His heavenly hosts.” - Psalm 148:2

In the Bible, angels have many important roles: 1) Messengers delivering timely revelations, personal encouragement, or clear purpose. 2) Beings residing in heaven and declaring God’s praise and holiness continuously.  3) Mighty in battle, angels form armies to win victories over dark forces and demons. In all of these examples, they are working to increase worship and build up God’s kingdom. Fallen angels, demons, are battling to stop them on their mission.

How often do you think about the worship scene in heaven? What are some images and pieces of information the Bible gives us about heaven? We know from Luke chapter 15 that the angels in heaven start another party every time a sinner turns to Jesus and decides to follow Him. If you know what the angels celebrate in heaven, this will help you prioritize your life on earth. Join the angels through your worship and your witnessing: on earth as it is in heaven!

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