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Activate - March 4


Read: Psalm 98

Key Verse: “Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music” - Psalm 98:4

What makes you jubilant? Winning a game? Buying an item that is 75% off the retail value? A date at a dinner restaurant? A promotion? A visit from a friend or someone in your family? Think about the times in the last month when you have been jubilant. Can you remember any of the reasons for the excitement?

The times that you are jubilant reveal what is near to your heart. Jubilant happens when a longing is fulfilled or a deep satisfaction is experienced. Some people wear a spiritual straightjacket and will not allow themselves to deeply celebrate God and His grace. God has given you the capacity to be jubilant. The situation that leads to your jubilation depends on what you treasure in your heart. Next time you worship God remember that His Word says it is good to burst into praise.

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