Activate - March 28


Read: Psalm 116

Key Verse: “How can I repay the Lord for all His goodness to me?” - Psalm 116:12

If you are a Christian, it is because you have received an undeserved gift from Jesus that will always be unrivaled. Entrance into heaven, complete forgiveness, eternal life, peace with God…how good is that? None of this is earned. If you think a relationship with God and becoming part of His family is based on your performance, then you have missed the entire gospel.

One of the most humbling experiences in the world is to receive the greatest of all gifts. Pride blocks many people from accepting Jesus and His payment for sins. The Lord can never be fully repaid. The psalmist is describing an overwhelmingly good sense of gratitude to God: a pure desire to serve the God who saved his soul. Anything God asks or requires is reasonable. Do you ever stop and think about what you could do for God that would bring Him tremendous amounts of glory?

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