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Activate - March 25


Read: Psalm 113

Key Verse: “Who is like the Lord our God, the One who sits enthroned on high,” - Psalm 113:5

God is worthy to be enthroned because: He always existed, He is the Creator of everything in the world, He made you, His character is flawless, He is light and a consuming fire, He paid the penalty to redeem mankind, He overcame death and the grave, He has defeated Satan, He is the judge, and He reigns for all of eternity.

The question is how do you respond to the One who is enthroned? 1) The most important part of worship is to trust Him. 2) Draw as near to Him as possible because He has invited you into an intimate relationship. 3) Make sure that you are not trying to steal the place on His throne: choose to follow His plan and direction. Submit by stop calling the shots. How are you doing in these three areas? When you are praising the One who is enthroned in these ways, you will be filled with life, hope, and provision.

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