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Activate - March 19


Read: Psalm 109

Key Verse: “In return for my friendship they accuse me, but I am a man of prayer.” - Psalm 109:4

Have you ever been kind to someone and yet they choose to attack you? When a friend tries to undermine you, it can catch you off guard because you do not expect it. It is painful when someone tries to repay you evil for good. It is not fair, right, honorable, or desired. How do you respond in those moments? It speaks volumes about your character.

David’s own family and friends attacked him, but his reactions were prayerful.

Go directly to God when there is injustice. People may open their mouths against you, but truth is on your side. Your accusers may be full of hate, but you can prevail through love. Stay away from revenge and set good boundaries. God will give you discernment when to be quiet and when to explain your perspective. You will emerge with His favor and approval as well as peace of mind.

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