Activate - March 12, 2015



Read: Psalm 48

Key Verse: “Within Your temple, O God, we meditate on Your unfailing love.” - Psalm48:9

There are many types of meditation: some are fruitful and some are deceptive.

The goal of Christian meditation is to fill your mind with God, His truth, and His love. It is not an emptying of the mind or merely a human endeavor. True meditation means that we use our brains, heart, and emotions to glorify the One who made them.

Meditation can be enhanced by finding a restful location, focusing on a Bible verse or passage, playing praise music in the background, praying, asking the Holy Spirit to fill you, thinking about what God has done in your life that is good, and enjoying His presence. The goal of healthy meditation is not to magnify ourselves or simply to participate in an exercise of human power. It is relaxing, trusting, listening to, dwelling on, finding delight, being reassured, redirected, connecting with, and peacefully worshiping the One true God.

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