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Activate - June 9


Read: Proverbs 17

Key Verse: “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” - Proverbs 17:17

Relationships are a risk. There are very few guarantees, but there are good decisions you can make and a rich blessing when you experience true friendship.

Many people stay isolated because they are afraid of not being accepted, pain from past disappointments, or worries about being a burden to other people. Some of the most giving people need to drop their pride and learn how to receive.

Can you think about the friends who have stood by you through thick and thin? Who do you want with you when you walk through the valleys of life? Real friends do not run away during times of adversity. Times of sorrow and mourning can reveal who really cares about you deeply. Find trustworthy people and be intentional about having solid relationships. They do take work, but it is worth the time and energy. Be the type of person people can trust. Value your friends who you can open up honestly with and who will also pray for you. These people are one of God’s greatest gifts to you.

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