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Activate - June 12, 2015


EYES UP     

Read: Psalm 121

Key Verse: “I lift up my eyes to the hills-where does my help come from?” - Psalm 121:1

Your eyes represent where your attention is focused. When life is difficult, there are temptations to become stuck, staring at the problem. Other people will look for a shortcut, something to numb the pain that is destructive and immoral. Another approach is to watch and point a finger at everyone, dishing out the blame. Pressure and stress can increase when we only look to ourselves and become merely humanistic in our approach.

The psalmist declares that looking up to God is a wise and intentional decision. In the middle of disappointment, loss, pain, chaos, rebellion, and attack, there is One who brings relief and perspective. God will watch over you and not sleep. The Almighty will be your shade and shelter. The Lord will protect and provide. How many times will you lift your eyes today?

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