Activate - July 7


Read: Proverbs 22

Key Verse: “Rich and poor have this in common: The Lord is the Maker of them all.” - Proverbs 22:2

It is a joy on the weekends to worship at church and see brothers and sisters in Christ united together. The diversity of age, ethnicity, economic situations, and political stances are real, but love prevails over differences. Those who have a limited amount of money should not be discouraged or stop trusting God. Wealthy people should not be proud or ignore the needs of other people. Money carries responsibility, and unselfishness and generosity should be evident.

For both rich and poor: 1) they breath the same air and enjoy the same sunshine each day 2) they have the same Maker 3) they will both die 4) they are both invited to put their trust in Jesus and go to heaven forever 5) they both need forgiveness of their sins and to know the Savior 6) they are both accountable for their actions 7) both need relationship and to give and receive love. What do you think could be done to unite rich and poor people in closer relationships at your church?

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