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Activate - January 30, 2015


Read: Psalm 21

Key Verse:“For the king trusts in the Lord; through the unfailing love of the Most High he will not be shaken.” - Psalm 21:7

How many people watch your life? The king’s actions and choices were seen by every person in the land. As the king went, so went the nation. Most people underestimate their influence. How many people are in your family? Your workplace? Your neighborhood? Your classes? Your team? Your email, facebook, and twitter accounts?

When you touch one life, that person reaches so many additional people. Now how many people do you think you influence?

When you decide to trust the Lord, you affect generations. You leave a legacy that will outlive you. In the center of this psalm, David writes about the dependable and unfailing love of God. You will not be shaken in a trial when God is your rock and your hope. People will notice a Strength greater than your own. Who you rely on becomes obvious when you are in a battle. Choose the Lord and you will impact the people around you in the deepest and most genuine way.

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