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Activate - January 21


Read: Psalm 68

Key Verse: “May God arise, may His enemies be scattered; may His foes flee before Him.” - Psalm 68:1

We began to sing this verse late at night on a service project. We were delivering cookies to people in a convalescent hospital with our college ministry. Our voices became increasingly louder outside the building as we waited for the teams to return from their visits. The staff at the elderly home then told us to stop singing because we were waking up the residents. We honored their request and delayed the song until we were back in our vans.

Have you ever been filled with joy and began worshipping the Lord louder and louder? Ever do that in a public setting? There is a spiritual battle every day, but God encourages us to praise His name with all of our heart. Lifting God up through our voices gets His attention in a unique way. Community is strengthened, opposition is overcome, trials shrink in size, joy becomes contagious, boldness grows, and love is abundant. Worship the Lord and watch how He responds in power.

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