Activate - February 25


Read: Psalm 93

Key Verse: “Your throne was established long ago; you are from all eternity” - Psalm 93:2

Our lives are marked by beginnings: birth, crawling, walking, kindergarten, reading, sports, friendships, driving, college, jobs, marriage, children, accomplishments, retirement, and many more. There is a day when you began to follow Jesus and a day when you will begin dwelling in heaven. There are new beginnings after failure, new opportunities, new lessons learned, and new directions in life.

There will never be, however, a time when God began to exist. Try to wrap your mind around that concept. As you move further back in history, you begin to appreciate how God is eternal. This fact tells us that all of creation is centered around and dependent on God. It also speaks to His character as faithful, dependable, wise, and trustworthy. In the quietness of your heart, humbly worship and adore the everlasting God.

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