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Activate - February 17


Read: Psalm 87

Key Verse: “As they make music they will sing, ‘All my fountains are in You.’” - Psalm 87:7

Children are attracted to fountains. They perceive fun, refreshment, joy, life, art, action, overflow, and provision. Fountains provide the sense that there is an endless supply and an abundance of water. Children want to run, drink, splash, taste, jump, and enjoy a fountain. Has your spiritual life felt like a barren desert recently?

Turn on some of your favorite praise music, sing to the Lord, dance, clap, lift up your arms, and celebrate. Food is not your fountain, or sports, or entertainment, or shoes, or chocolate, or money, or applause, or promotions, or alcohol, or Facebook, or sleep. You have one fountain and living water; it is found in Jesus. Stop pretending like you do not know where you will find refreshment. Your fountain is never dry and you are always welcome to be renewed.

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