Activate - February 13


Read: Psalm 85

Key Verse: “I will listen to what God the Lord will say; He promises peace to His people, His saints-but let them not return to folly.” - Psalm 85:8

Do you ever get tired of confessing the same sins over and over again to God? I am an online missionary with  One of the most frequently asked questions is: How can I break free from a specific sin? Drunk night after night, spreading gossip day after day, repeating a destructive habit, lustful actions in relationships, illegal activities, lying, and swearing are just some sins that can become patterns in your life.

Your new freedom and purity begins by listening to God and His Word. Agree with God and surrender to Him. God gives hope to break free and power to walk in a new direction. Celebrate with the Lord each victory and build motivation to honor the Lord. Begin to pray when you are tempted to return to folly. Declare that you are a child of God and your old folly is not part of who you are now. You will taste an increasing measure of the Lord’s peace.

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