Activate - February 11


Read: Psalm 83

Key Verse: “Let them know that You, whose name is the Lord-that you alone are the Most high over all the earth.” - Psalm 83:18

When you think about God, do you view Him as greater than your highest dreams? More powerful than the mightiest nation? More insightful than the most brilliant professor? More outstanding than your biggest challenge? More hopeful than your reason to be tempted to despair? More devoted than your closest friend?

Your view of God determines your worship, your prayers, your willingness to follow, your quickness to repent, your generosity, your ability to forgive, your experiences of joy, and your life after death. Asaph writes this psalm as a prayer for God to display His magnificent glory to all who doubt, undermine, and oppose God. Re-think who it is that you worship and make sure your view of His is not too small.

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