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Activate - December 8, 2014


Read: Song Of Songs 7

Key Verse: “I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me” - Song Of Songs 7:10

How secure are you with God? Do you know that you belong to Him? What does it mean that He has formed a new covenant with you? What has Jesus accomplished? Do you really believe at your core that you belong to Jesus forever? How does that make a difference in your life?

When I became a Christian, I still had doubts the first few years if I was good enough for God. I was basing my relationship with Him on my performance. The truth is I will never be good enough! It was a massive shift to rest instead on His grace. His Word is very clear and gives security about being in His family forever. There is no sweeter acceptance. Marriage is designed by God as a gift to ensure the deepest commitment to one another. A healthy marriage brings security and radiance; it reflects the relationship Jesus has with the church. A bride that belongs and a covenant that stands.

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