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Activate - December 6


Read: Psalm 36

Key Verse: “For in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin.” - Psalm 36:2

The fear of God leads marital conflict into harmony and peace. The fear of God maintains integrity while filing taxes. The fear of God prevents worship from becoming stale. The fear of God brings health to your soul. The fear of God raises your awareness of sin so you can repent. The fear of God is wisdom in a culture that is morally bankrupt. It is foolish not to fear the Lord.

Pride, however, is not interested in respecting God. Pride is busy with false flattery. Pride fails to detect any sin. Pride ruins your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Pride no longer hates sin but invites rebellion. Pride is a deceptive garment that covers a sick heart. Selfish pride is the opposite of walking humbly with God. Pride ignores blind spots, despises correction, and rationalizes destructive habits. God will reveal what is real and guide you into freedom when you choose to fear Him.

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