Activate - December 3, 2014


Read: Song Of Songs 4

Key Verse: “You are a garden fountain, a well of flowing water streaming down from Lebanon.” - Song Of Songs 4:15

Water is a symbol of refreshment, nourishment, and life. The fresh water poured down from the snow atop the Lebanon mountains. A fountain blesses and enriches all that receive the cool water. How many times have you enjoyed clean water on a hot day? Some relationships are refreshing: the conversation, the priorities, the passion, the laughter, and the growth. What friendships do you have that carry these qualities? Is your marriage strong in these areas? Why?

Jesus gives us living water to refresh our souls. This is the first step in creating positive relationships. When Jesus is at the center, friendships reach their potential. How are you keeping Jesus first in your marriage? What relationships in the Bible stand out to you as being very life-giving? Take time to pray about some of your relationships that are stuck. Change your approach and choose one new way of interacting that can bring fresh streams into dry crusty places.

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