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Activate - December 14, 2015



Read: Habakkuk 1

Key Verse: “How long, O Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you: ‘Violence!’ but you do not save? - Habakkuk 1:2

The prophet Habakkuk lived around 600 BC and knew about the Assyrian invasion of Israel over a hundred years earlier. As he lived in Judah, the nation was facing a cruel and ruthless Babylonian army. This foreign nation was coming to take the Israelites into exile. Habakkuk had major questions about how an unrighteous group would be allowed to persecute God’s people and capture their land. He pleaded to the Lord for help and answers.

Have you ever felt like your prayers were not being answered? The reality in those situations is that usually our prayers are not being answered as we expected or desired. Some people get angry, running away from God and turning to rebellion. Other people persist in prayer while fasting and listening. Habakkuk’s honesty did not intimidate or surprise God. God had answers but they would not be easy to digest. As you read this incredibly forthright conversation between Habakkuk and God, what are the key topics that you need to be pleading with God about today?

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