Activate - August 19, 2015



Read: Proverbs 19

Key Verse: “A man’s own folly ruins his life, yet his heart rages against the Lord.” - Proverbs 19:3

What is this proverb addressing? Let’s directly uncover some of the denial that is common: A person gossips then is angry at heaven because they have no close friends. Someone else is caught drinking and driving and then is mad at God because they are in jail. After slacking in schoolwork, the student blames God for being rejected during college applications. Showing up late to work often and getting fired, being selfish and not having a good marriage, and eating unhealthy foods while never exercising and needing surgery…the list goes on and on.

One option after folly is to stay bitter, stop seeking God, quit reading the Bible, give up on prayer, move away from Christian friends, and complain frequently.

Sadly, many people drink that poison for years. It is one of the enemies favorite tricks. The road to healing includes taking responsibility, apologizing to people and God, and deciding to repent and walk in a new direction. It is the road to life, fulfillment, overcoming, and joy. Pray for someone now who needs the truth of this proverb.

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