Abiding Above - September 25, 2017

The Abiding Life-Part 5

September 25


When you choose to live a surrendered, abiding, resting life, the Holy Spirit begins to affect your soul. Your soul is where your mind is, where you think, it is where your emotions are, where you feel, and it is where your will is, where you make choices. We must give up absolute control to the indwelling Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. When you give up control God will so work in your life affecting your soul, your mind, will, and emotions that when people see you they will see Jesus, because He’s having unhindered way in your life.  My friend, this will affect your relationships, and it will even affect your body physically.  If you do not let the Holy Spirit control you, you will have all kinds of emotional, relational, and physical problems in your life. This is the way God has made our bodies, our soul, and out spirit.

Jesus said, “Abiding in Me and I in you.” If you truly are a child of God, He already lives in you and you have His presence in you. Live your life surrendered.

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