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America and the Bible [Part 1] - Abiding Above - July 15

America And The Bible: Part 1 

July 15

I love America, but we’ve got troubles. I wished I could say that we are a healthy nation but I cannot say that. It is my longing for America and its people to be whole again. My friend, it will take this for us to go and do what God has left us here to do and that is to go and make disciples of all the nations. If we continue to get unhealthy as a nation, we may not have the freedom much longer to go and share the gospel with other nations. 

Today people are not sure what they believe. They are not sure about us as a nation. Many people today are uneducated about our nation’s history and they tend to believe whatever they hear from whomever they hear it from. For many years now, our children have not been hearing the truth about our founding fathers and the founding of our great nation. We’re a nation in error and confusion. Even our own President went across to another country during his first year in office and announced that America is not a Christian nation. That is a lie! How on earth can He, being a lawyer say that, when even the law books have to mention God to deal with any kind of legal matter? My friend, we are one nation under God and we had better not ever forget that.

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Originally published July 15, 2019.