A Word with You - Sept. 8, 2011


Storm Warning In Your Soul

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One severe weather system behind us, another one coming. Yeah, well, that's like spring living in Tornado Alley. Uh-huh... You know, I can look at our children and know that they are going to have, when those warnings go up, probably young children in bed with them before the night is over. And I can probably count on the fact that l will be waking up during the night to the annoying alarm on our weather radio and that robotic voice of NOAA radio. But that's OK. There's a reason all those weather guys strongly urge you to have one of those life-saving radios. And why I strongly urge me to respond when the warning comes!

I remember watching the video in the spring of a North Carolina home supply store during a huge tornado. And that store got totally, I guess you could say, remodeled by that tornado. And even though there were an estimated 100 people in that store, amazingly no one was seriously injured. The reason: well, in one frantic minute, the store manager gave the warning and everyone rushed to the safest spot in the store...because of a warning and a quick response.

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Originally published September 08, 2011.