A Word with You - Sept. 6, 2011


How Did I Get On This Back Road?

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A while back I was on my way to an engagement where it was very important for me to be on time, and I really should have had my wife with me. See, we have a little arrangement—works pretty well. I'm the pilot; she's the navigator. She's got a great sense of direction; I can't find my way out of my bedroom in the morning. So it's good to have her along, but she wasn't there.

So, of course, I missed the main road, and that main road is a straight shot to the school where I needed to be. Instead, I started to wander on this endless, winding road that went forever without passing a house, without passing a person, in fact without even intersecting another road. Any other time, oh, maybe it would have been a nice, quiet ride in the country. But this winding road wasn't taking me where I wanted to go. I needed the main road! I needed it fast! And somehow I had lost the main road. Maybe you have too.

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Originally published September 06, 2011.