A Word with You - September 2, 2020

Delegated Life Saving

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Each of our three children learned the Heimlich maneuver in school. You probably know what that is. If someone is choking, you get behind them; you do the magic squeeze to dislodge whatever they are choking on. It keeps them from choking to death.

Now, can you imagine being in a restaurant and you see someone choking on a piece of food? You stand up immediately and say, "Is there a throat specialist in the house? We've got to have a throat specialist!" Well, there is none there, so you say, "Well, I guess we have to take him to the hospital."

So, as he's choking and turning several shades of colors, you get him in your car and you drive him to the hospital. By the time you get him to the specialist - to the person who knows the most about it - it's going to be too late probably. Tragically, many of us are making that mistake with someone's spiritual survival. Instead of treating them where they are, we keep waiting until they get to the specialist.

n my mouth." Give me the words; give me the approach, give me the courage. "Lord, open a door. Lord, open their heart. Lord, open my mouth." Because I understand I've been placed in their life. I'm the one to deliver the Good News.

See, you have more influence on that person than any Christian persuader could ever have - any specialist. So, don't wait for the specialist to tell them; the rescue is up to you.

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Originally published September 02, 2020.