A Word with You - September 21, 2020

Don't Open Your Gift Too Soon

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One time Andy told me about the worst Christmas he ever had. Oh, he'd always had a hard time waiting for Christmas morning. I think most kids do. He felt that Christmas Eve was the longest night of the year just waiting. But there were a lot of long nights before then. And he was a little unsure of that Santa Claus business, and didn't quite have all that figured out.

So a few days before Christmas, he managed to discover the closet in which all of his presents were kept. Well, he got in there, saw them before they were wrapped, and saw everything he was getting. He felt so smart...briefly. He put them all back where he found them, closed the door, and then came Christmas morning. Well, Christmas - needless to say - was a bit of a drag that year. Everyone else is jumping up and down and going, "Hey, look at this!" and celebrating their surprises.

And there's Andy over there just moping through the motions trying to look like it's fun and look like it's a surprise. He said, "You know, Ron, I decided I'd never do that again." Something special could be ruined if you open it too early.

Whatever you've done until now, commit yourself to protect and restore the specialness of sex. And don't ruin it by opening it too soon.

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Originally published September 21, 2020.