A Word with You - Oct. 5, 2012


The Myth of the Honorary Chairman

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You know, some people who financially support Christian ministry also like to play golf. I don't happen to be one of them. If you'd seen the one time I did play golf, when I hit my partner in the head with a club, you would understand why I've been banned from golf courses.

But there are those who get together to play golf in a benefit tournament on behalf of the cause they support. In one major city they asked the local NFL quarterback, probably the best known guy in town, to be the chairman. Well, actually, they asked him to be the honorary chairman. They put his name on the invitation, on the letterhead, and that was pretty impressive. It made the event feel more important. But don't kid yourself. That quarterback had absolutely no say in how that day was organized. See, he was the honorary chairman. Translation: Big title - no authority.

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